April 14-20


Do you enjoy Ecstatic dance, Contact dance and Tantra workshops and dream about dancing in a warm ocean?

Imagine dancing with your friends on the beach, playing like a dolphin in the water, rolling in the sand, singing around a fire, and sunbathing on the bow of a yacht…If this sounds like fun, then this retreat is for you!

Imagine living on a yacht in a tropical paradise with your soul family, new and old friends who are authentic, vulnerable, inspiring, and loving. Begin each day with a morning yoga and meditation practice followed by yummy smoothies and an abundance of fresh fruits. Jump off the boat into crystal clear water snorkeling the most beautiful reef you've ever seen teaming with fish and vibrant colored coral.

Enjoy a connection workshop on the beach shaded by tall palm trees. Float in the ocean while your partner gives you a water massage treatment. Spin, flip, and splash in the chest-deep water with your favorite dance partners. Indulge in a delicious lunch of fish and fresh vegetables. Sail to a new island and explore a new beach. Participate in authentic relating games and make meaningful connections with your new friends. 

Harmonize your voices as you watch the sky turn brilliant colors and the sun set into the sea. Gather for a delicious dinner cooked with love by your private chef. Sip cacao around a blazing beach fire and participate in a sensual (not sexual) tantric puja opening your heart to a new level of self-love and deep bliss. End the night snuggling on the trampoline net in the bow of the catamaran under an immaculate starscape.

Who this is for:

This retreat is for people who have a love for the ocean and enjoy Ecstatic dance, Contact improv, Tantra work, Authentic relating and others while traveling to remote places. 


San Blas Islands, Panama


April 14th - 20th


$3,400 USD

Meet Your Facilitators & Crew:

Jessica Filkins - Retreat Organizer and Facilitator

I am a yoga teacher and sensual retreat facilitator. My love for the ocean began in the womb. My parents lived on a sailboat and homeschooled me in the Bahamas. I fell in love with contact dance while living in Boulder, CO (2017-2020).

My favorite dance experiences were at a pool in Longmont with Elik. I would go home feeling so blissed out after an hour of water dancing but also felt nauseous from the amount of chlorinated pool water I ingested. I longed to have this experience in the ocean and now we are about to do it!

I am trained in yoga, reiki, tantra, authentic retaining, rapid rewire method and Bio Energetic Syconization Teanique. My favorite activities are connecting deeply with new people, sailing with friends, beach fires, and contact dancing in the water. My passion is creating transformational experiences on yachts.

Elik - Aquatic Movement Facilitator

My journey with dance started in 2001 during high school. Between 2006-2012 I was dancing professionally at “Liat Dror Nir Ben Gal Dance Company”(Israel).

After my dance career, I transitioned into Aquatic Bodywork. In 2012 I got certified as a Swim Instructor specializing in treating Aqua-phobia. In 2014 I got certified as Infants Developmental Aquatic Therapist. In 2017 I got certified as an Aquatic-therapist (working with special needs, orthopedic injuries, chronic pain, and more). I am a Watsu practitioner (since 2018) and a facilitator of Aquatic workshops (since 2016). In 2022 I got certified as a PTA (Physical Therapist Assistant).  

 “For me the water is a healing environment and a beautiful place to be in. It’s a place to find grounding and freedom at the same time.”

Johnny Hernandez - Musican

Blessing us with live music on the saxophone and handpan. More info cming soon!

Linsay Phillips - Yoga Teacher

Tantric Embodiment Facilitator, Healer and Yoga Teacher (500+RYT). Founder of Butterfly Shakti Healing. Linsay will be teaching two yoga classes and will also offer Waves of Bliss: a journey of oceanic magic and soul remembrance - a beautiful sound healing and Tantra workshop with Lotus. Linsay is passionate about healing, liberation and connection.

Exequiel Tenure - Captain

Exequiel, is a well experienced captain and event organizer, ready to offer endless memories sailing around the islands. He will guide you to the best sailing vacation for your guests.

Stelly Zambrano - Experience Coordintor

Stelly grew up in Panam and has spent a lot of time in the San Blas Islands. She is a Yacht Broker, chef, sailor, local expert, and wellness retreat organizer. Stelly has helped us organize this incredible experience and will be on board to enhance the vibe and coordinate excursions.

What's Included:

  • 6 nights onboard the boat

  • 3 meals per day + snacks

  • Transportation from Panama City to the boat on the 14th and back on the 20th

  • A full schedule of classes (Water-Contact, Aquatic Therapy, Tantra, and connection workshops) 

  • Mini sessions of Watsu (full length: 60 min sessions will be available for an extra fee of $75 if possible)

What's not included:

* Airfare to and from Panama City

* Accommodation in Panama city the night of the 13th and 21st (we will recommend a place to stay)

Details for this Retreat:

The Yacht:

82 feet Catamaran with 8 cabins with various bed layouts. This is NOT a luxury catamaran which is why we are able to offer such a low price. See more photos bellow.

Meals: We will have a private chef onboard cooking us delicious healthy food every day!

Dietary preferences and Food Allergies: After we receive your deposit we will send you a preference sheet for you to fill out. We should be able to accommodate all dietary preferences listed on the preference sheets.


Fly into Panama City on the 13th and fly out on the 21st. We will recommend a hotel for everyone to stay at near the airport.


We have organized a private taxi to pick everyone up at a designated location in Panama City. We will then take a ferry to the boat.

Accommodations: All rooms and bathrooms will be shared. There are a variety of single beds and double beds. Please indicate in your application if you prefer a single bed or if you would like to share a bed with a friend or partner or if you are willing to share a bed with a stranger.  

What do we mean by TANTRA?

This is a sex-positive retreat, NOT a sex retreat. The tantra workshops and activities will be sensual, not sexual. Boundaries will be clearly expressed and respected on a daily basis. 


We will begin the day with a combination of meditation, yoga, dance, and breathwork.

Three delicious healthy meals will be prepared each day by our private chef.

We will sail to a new island every day. Each trip will be between 30 mins and 2 hours. 

We will have a variety of workshops on the boat, on the beach, and in the water.

Other activities will include exploring the islands, meeting indigenous people, snorkeling, beach walks, and relaxing.

Evening activities consist of cacao ceremonies, bonfires, vocal activation workshops, authentic retailing, dancing, cuddling and star-gazing

Q & A

What will the weather be like?

It will be hot and mostly sunny! The temperature will be in the high 80s and low 90s.

What will the water temperature be?

The water temperature will be about 80 degrees fahrenheit, warmer in the shallow water and a little cooler in the deep water.

Can I bring an instrument?

Yes, please!

Will I have to share a room and bathroom?

Yes, all the rooms and bathrooms are shared unless you want to pay extra for a private room.

Will I have to share a bed?

There are 9 single beds so the first 9 people who signed up requesting single beds will get them. If you indicated on the application sheet what you would like to share a bed with a friend or lover then you will be in a double bed.

Will I get sea sick?

We will be in very calm water and will anchor in anchorages that are protected from wind and waves. Big catamarans, like this one, are notoriously stable boats. The only time you might get seasick is when we sail in between islands. These trips will only last 30 minutes to 2 hours and if you are outside in the fresh air is it unlikely you will get seasick. You are welcome to bring homeopathic or herbal seasick medications. We will have fresh ginger on board.

Photos of the Boat

Application Process &

Payment Details




Please fill out the application to determine if you are a good fit for this experience. If you are accepted we will send you a Payment link.


A $500 deposit is required to reserve your spot. $100 off if you pay in full at the time you register.

Second Payment:

A second payment of $1000 is required by February 20th.

Final Payment:

The remaining balance but be paid by March 14th.

Testimonials from past yacht retreat guests

Awaken The Waters Yacht Retreat was the most life-changing experience of my life. Bioluminescence and shooting stars were the highlight of the trip.I feel connected to water deeply and I feel a rebirth and aligned to my dreams. I feel deeply connected within to myself. I awaken my own inner waters. I feel magical, grateful, abundant! I will be back again and again.” ~ Lindsay Phillips

I have attended and hosted many wellness retreats over the past decade and I have to say that the experience on the yacht was one of my all-time favorites this far! Being on the yacht provided an intimate container to simply BE. The food was incredible; colorful, flavorful and plentiful! The extra attention to the care and delivery of the excursions and adventures allowed us to experience the beauty of the local area without the overwhelm and crowded tourist aspect. I thoroughly enjoyed the extras that the boat offered such as fishing, paddleboarding, snorkeling, efoiling, and scuba diving. Every detail down to the towels, the bedding, and the pillows offered a feeling of luxury. I will definitely be back!" ~ Amanda Joy

“I enjoyed the most incredible retreat from start to finish - everything was so thoughtfully planned and curated to ensure each guest felt seen, heard, and so taken care of while on the boat. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” ~ Eosheyana

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